Episode 009 - School Of Hard Knocks (WKO)

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This episode recounts my adventures at the recent WKO in Caycee SC.  From my mistakes, vicotries, and even rooming options, I share the lessons I learned from the experience.  Also, I go over two new mechanics found in the new Deadpool and the X-Force set (Headlines and Title Character). New segment introduced this week - Keeping it Fresh ( scenarios and tournament ideas for home and venues). 

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Shout Out to breaking 40 again on podcast downloads. Two weeks in a row. Thanks to everyone listening.

Call out to all players who attended a Winter WKO. Would love to hear about your experiences, thoughts, and suggestions for attending. Also, would love to interview one or more of you. 



Team Challenge - 400 pt Modern Limited Sundance Festival (TMNT sets only)

TMNT2 019     Renet Tilley 55
FFTMNT2 006 Casey Jones 50
TMNT2 026     Leonardo 100
TMNT 019      April O’Neil 30
TMNT 002      Michelangelo 50
TMNT2 013    Fugitoid 50
TMNT 027      Donatello 60

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