Episode 022- The Day After Tomorrow

Episode 022 - The Day After Tomorrow ... Looking over my last week of play and what is on the horizon for Heroclix. Has the world come to an end or is a new age dawning? Watch list changes, New Rules, a new money tournament, and burnout are swirling aroud the game and myself. Will Herolcix survive these cataclysmic events? (OVER DRAMATIC VOICE) I give my 2+ cents on the topics. A quick review of the Roll D20 system. 

Email your comments and questions to lostinclix@gmail.com or contact me on HCRealms under the ID of ColossusTN. Like our Facebook Page. You can search on Facebook by typing in @Heroclixborderlands

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Love to hear you new team ideas with the new rules changes. If you are looking for an online match or have a team you want me to play against my new team contact me.Looking for anyone who might want to be a guest on the show. 

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