Episode 011 - Joker vs. Deadpool: Meta who?

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This episode shares some thougths and resources I have found.  Also, I compare Jokers Wild and Deadpool sets to see whcih one has Meta potential.   Email your comments and questions to lostinclix@gmail.com or contact me on HCRealms under the ID of ColossusTN.

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Looking for interested online players.


Challenge Team - 300 pt. Deadpool only team ( Can only have 1 version of Deadpool on the team and must be themed)


DXF034b Deadpool 75

DXF051 Deadgirl 75

DXFF003 Fantomex 75

DXFF006 Domino 25

DXF013 U-Go Girl 40

SFSM S101 Symbiote 6

SFSM S102 Web shooter 4


Sideline: Deadpool Shifting Focus DXF001a, DXF017, DXF033, DXF037a, 


300 pts



New challenge is on the facebook page

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