Episode 010 - Bring out your Dead..POOL!!!

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Hopefully, I have fixed the technical issues that plagued my last episode. I apologize for being very sick in this episode but it was still fun to produce. This episode recounts my adventures at my local venue with a 800 pt robot team. Also, I go over my Deadpool case and redo the review from the week before. Find out about the Headline and Title Character mechanic.  Email your comments and questions to lostinclix@gmail.com or contact me on HCRealms under the ID of ColossusTN.

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Shout Out to breaking 40 again on podcast downloads. Three weeks in a row. Thanks to everyone listening.

Call out to all players who attended a Winter WKO. Would love to hear about your experiences, thoughts, and suggestions for attending. Also, would love to interview one or more of you. 



Team Challenge - 300 pt Modern limited story arc team (Final Hunt SPIDERMAN)

SFSM019 Mary Jane 25

SFSM049 Spider-Man 100

SFSM053B Kraven 75

SFSM016 Vermin 80

SFSM005 Thug 10

SFSM005 Thug10

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