Episode 008 - Prepping for the Weekend

In this podcast, I go over my worries and anxiousness of the upcoming WKO. Also, I talk about how I am preparing for the WKO (packing, travel plans, itinerary, stuff I am taking, etc...) Review of Cable and the unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Reveal of my 400 pt JSA Challenge team - Alternate Reality. Any questions, comments, or suggestions can be sent to lostinclix@gmail.com.


Challenge Team - 400 Point JSA team

JW008 Green Arrow 40

JW036 The Flash 35

JW052 Green Lantern 35

JW025 Hawkman 30

WF048 Zatara100

JW053A Johnny Thunder 125


WFR100 Justice League Teleport

WFWFID-003 The Flash (ID character WKD16-006 The Flash 85)

WFWFID-004 Green Arrow (ID character WKD16-004 Green Arrow 85)

WFWFID-102 Wonder Woman (ID character SMWW018 Wonder Woman 125)

WFWFID-018 Hawkman (ID character JLTW038 Hawkman 115)

WFWFID-001 Superman (ID character WF049 Superman 200)

WFWFID-103 Green Lantern (ID character WKD16-005 Green Lantern  115)


Back up Team WKO


Alternate Soldier build


JW053A Johnny Thunder 125

SMWW028 General Lane   40

AVAS034 Jarvis   40

FFOA006R Captain America   50

SMWWG001P The Atom   15


JLTWR101 Pandora's Box   12

JLTWR101F Wrath     4

JLTWR101E Lust     4

JLTWR101A Envy     4

JLTWR101B Sloth     4


NFAOSNFID-007 S.H.I.E.L.D. Level 7     0

WFWFID-003 The Flash     0

WFWFID-004 Green Arrow     0


AVASS100 Pym Particles     2

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