Episode 007 - Reaching Out!!!

Listen in this week as I go over my experiences with Heroclixing with my old friend, Mark, who helped get me into heroclix back in the day. Also, talking about the community of Heroclix players and the different options I ahve ran across on how to connect. I talk about my favorite podcasts (besides my own..lol) Also, talk about suggestions I ahve gotten about my WKO team and my thoughts on it. OH Boy! Deadpool previews are starting and I discuss Dead Girl and Venompool. Finally, I go over my challenge team for a 300 point limited game and issue a Modern JSA 400 pt team challenge for next week. Something fun. Thanks for listening and please leave a rating and review on iTunes as well as email lostinclix@gmail.com or message me on HCRealms (ColossusTN) with somments, suggestions, or questions.


Challenge:  300 point limited team (WOO Girls Unite)

CWSOP006 She-Hulk  90

CWSOP008 Wasp 70

CWSOP009 Spider-Woman 60

CWSOP040 Tigra 80


Winter WKO build 

Justice League Teleporter  - 35


Ronin AVAS052 (sidelined also - AAOU006 - Hawkeye; AVAS010 - Echo)
Shield Level 7  NFAOS056 (balls of fury), AOU047 Quasar

Batman JLTW 051

Green Arrow WKD16-004

Booster Gold WF008

Superman SMWW065


Actual Figures 


SFSM054 Devil Dinosaur 100

AOU042BD Ultron-6 (Drone) 30

SFSM029  Overdrive      35

SMWW060 Mr. Mxyzptlk 70

SMWWG001P The Atom  15

FFNFAOS099 H.E.N.R.Y. 15

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