Episode 005 - Knowing the Terrain

This episode is me rambling a little about my final WKO build and its financial cost. The effect of maps on casual and meta games. Love to hear from everyone on the map they love to play on and why. My Moon Knight theme team and the JW009 Robin Challenge. You can contact me with questions, comments, or suggestions at lostinclix@gmail.com

Challenge: Moon Knight Team

Marvel Soldier Theme - Veterans day team


 SFSM037 Moon Knight 90

CACW008 Falcon 90

FFOA006 Captain America 100

GOTG011B Jason of Sparta 60

WKMP16-005 Punisher 60


Winter WKO build 



Justice League Teleporter


Ronin AVAS052 (sidelined also - CACW00 - Hawkeye; SFSM037 - Moon Knight)
Shield Level 7  NFAOS056 (balls of fury), AOU047 Quasar

Supergirl WF056

Green Arrow WKD16-004

Booster Gold WF008

Superman SMWW065


Flash ID Card




Devil Dinosaur SFSM054

Mr. Mxyzptlk SMWW060

Frog Man  SFSM048

Ultron 6 drone  AOU042BD

Solaris SMWWG006


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