Episode 004 - Fashion Week (What is your style?)

This week I talk about the evolution or overtweaking of my WKO team. My thought process on what is effective on the team and what i am just bad at playing. Also, I discuss the styles of play (fashions) that can be found in heroclix. Find out which fad is in vogue now (according to me) and what could change soon. Finally, I share my awesome (maybe not) Riptide build. A new figure to design for next week is presented. lostinclix@gmail.com or ColossusTN on HCrealms.com


Current Tweaked

WKO Team

Justice League Teleporter

Ronin AVAS052 (sidelined also - CACW006 - Hawkeye; SFSM037 - Moon Knight)
Shield Level 7  NFAOS056 (balls of fury) 

Green Arrow    WKD16-004 

Black Panther CWSOP109

Wonder Woman SMWW033

Superman SMWW065


Devil Dinosaur SFSM054

Mr. Mxyzptlk SMWW060

Frog Man  SFSM048

Ultron 6 drone  AOU042BD

Ultron future drone AOU052BD



Riptide x2

vanisher x2



Full Pandora's box

(have fun being annoying wiht this build)


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